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When you’re looking for an event management company to design, plan and organise an event for you, you want to look for an event management company that has a large portfolio behind it as well as experienced event organisers ready for the job.

There is a lot of planning and organising that goes into creating an event from start to finish, so it is important for the company to have experience in providing all event services to a range of clients.

For over 20 years, we have been planning events of all sizes, ranging from large corporate festivals with over 500 guests to private birthdays with under 100 guests. As a company,  we are renowned for being highly professional and reliable event organisers for all event types.

A Team Of Talented Event Organisers At Your Service

Our talented team of corporate event planners have worked on events for clients in many different sectors and have built up an array of event management expertise along the way.

We have built up our reputation by providing full event management services for a range of clients, including the likes of Amazon, Netflix and smaller companies such as Xero.

Event Management company known for great customer service and delivering breath-taking events.

As an event management company, we are renowned for providing an outstanding service for every event we organise.

Our event organisers take pride in what we do and are passionate about creating events from concept to the finished article. Receiving positive feedback from our events, our clients are always impressed with the level of care and attention we provide, topping off an all-around exemplary event management service.

Here are some of the things clients have had to say about our service:

‘You delivered a memorable and extremely slick event and I am pleased to say everyone had an absolute ball.’

‘Everyone had a great time and would always recommend your company. We all had great fun.’

‘It was a fantastic event and there has been a buzz around the whole company since.’

What does a full event management service include?

There is a lot of planning, designing and organisation that goes into creating one of our spectacular events.

It’s good to make sure that every aspect of your event is well-thought-out and planned. That’s where an event management company comes in.

Our full event management services include, but are not limited to:

  • Delegate Management
  • Logistics
  • Venue Sourcing
  • Venue Dressing
  • Project Management
  • Budget Control

We are experts in providing the services above and always aim to achieve the highest standards to ensure your event is one to be remembered.

Read more about our event management services below.

Experienced Event Management company providing full event management services

Choose a tried and tested events company to create your event.


Delegate Management Services

A big part of ensuring the success of any event is using the right delegate manage services.

There is a lot of planning that goes into making an event run smoothly.

Delegate management services cover the organisation of an event, including the travel of all guests, performers, workers and more in attendance to your event.

It also involves managing the access levels for these different guests or staff for the event. This means creating things like VIP badges, informing staff of access levels and more.

We create a precise, organised setlist for everyone in attendance to your event. This is mainly for the performers and staff we have working on the event.

Using this service allows you to sit back and enjoy your event, knowing that everything is going to plan. You will know exactly what is happening and when.

View Our Delegate Management Services


Once you’ve decided on a venue and have the event all planned out, the travel needs to be organised to get your guests there together and on time.

We have experience organising travel for mass audiences, organising travel for attendees in the thousands.

We can book any mode of transport to suit your budget and satisfy your needs and requirements.

View Our Travel Management Services

Conference Logistical services

Choosing an event management company with access to some of the world’s best venues.

Choosing the right venue is crucial to ensuring the success of any event.

Aynhoe Park venue

Venue Sourcing

Choosing a venue for your event is essential to achieving the atmosphere you desire.

With our experience in managing events for a range of clients across the globe, we have access to some of the best venues in the world.

Working in Las Vegas, London, Milan, Venice and many more locations, we have more than enough venues suitable for any event.

View Our Venue Sourcing Services

Idyllic house

Venue Dressing

Finding a suitable venue is just one part of the journey. The next part is transforming it.

With our experience transforming venues from across the world into spectacular event spaces, we can design and produce bespoke settings for any theme or taste.

Whether you want to choose a theme or just a minimalistic space, we can transform your event space to suit you.

View Our Venue Dressing Service

We cover all aspects of your event

Sit back and enjoy your event, knowing that all aspects of your event are planned for and thought out.

Twisted Circus themed eventse1857

Project Management & Budget Control

We understand that you want everything to do with your event completed on-time under a set budget.

That’s where our Project Management & Budget Control services come into play.

Creating and managing a range of events under varying time constraints and budgets, we have the experience and knowledge required to turn around events under any realistic time frame and budget.


Demonstrating a Return on Investment

Conference News partnered up with CVENT to put together some leading event management agencies and corporates around a table to discuss demonstrating return on investment:

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