What Event management services do we offer?

As an Event Management agency, we offer full event management services to cover all event types for all clients and scales.

Whether you are a Corporate Client looking for an event management company to manage a Conference, or you’re a Business looking for a company to manage your Brand Activation, we are more than capable of delivering above and beyond on this.

No matter whether it’s an event for 10 people or 10,000, we have the experience behind us (over fifteen years in the events industry) to develop and manage your small and large scale events.

Our team of event planners devise event concepts designed specifically around you. This involves studying the brand, identifying the target audience, planning the logistics and coordinating the technical aspects. This is all before the event takes place.

Our Event Management Services Include:

  • Logistics
  • Venue Sourcing
  • Venue Dressing
  • Delegate Management
  • Project Management
  • Budget Control
  • Concepts, Designs, Production
  • and more – we cover all aspects

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By booking our Event Management Services, we collaborate with you to create remarkable events that achieve your goals.

Read more about our Event Management Services and explore our other event services and if you’re interested, please get in contact with a member of the events team below if you need more information, have any questions or concerns or would like to book!

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Who Are We? 

We are a Milton Keynes Event Management Company providing full Event Management services.

We have had the privilege of providing Event Management Services across the UK and Globally.

As a company, we provide full-service event management. Therefore, meaning that we can provide all of the services you need in one central location.

What’s more, we ensure our clients can get everything they need with us rather than having to spend time and energy going between multiple different companies.

About Us

Why use us?

Doing your own private or corporate event management can be tricky. Especially if you’re not in the industry.

So why use us?

  •  20+ years of experience
  • Flexible and bespoke pick and mix service
  • Events delivered across the UK and globally
  • Full range of event services
  • End to end service
  • Decades of key contacts and insider knowledge
  • Dedicated event manager
  • 5* reviews (see our Google Reviews)

What we do.

We provide full-scale Event Management Services, covering all aspects of events from concept to completion.

Our company has provided Corporate Event Management Services for giant international companies such as Netflix, The Telegraph and Amazon.

Additionally, we regularly work with small and medium enterprises and private clients.

By offering full-service event management, we allow our clients to tailor services to their needs.

As an Event Management Company based in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire (UK), our services cover the entirety of your event, from the initial concepts to post-event management.

We ensure our clients’ event is a complete success.

Our Work

What Is Event Management?

Event management is the management and overseeing of all logistics leading up to and during an event by managing staff, finances, vendor relationships, entertainers, performers and more.

Event management includes a variety of functions for executing events of all scales, such as Conferences, Exhibitions, Festivals, Awards Ceremonies and more. It can also include things like Private Parties.

It is the conducting of project management and the event as a whole to ensure it runs smoothly and as intended. Getting everyone at the event working together and in unison.

Event Management also encompasses managing a budget, overseeing the event if any issues crop up, managing the teams of people that are part of the event, for example, with venues, performers, travel staff and the list goes on.

There are a lot of moving parts to any event and the list is almost endless, which is why it is so important to choose an experienced event management company, especially when the event is of a large scale – the bigger the event, the more attendees, the longer the event is on for, the more organisation if required.

What Do Event Managers Do?

As mentioned, events have a lot of moving parts, so it’s very important to use an Event Management company with plenty of experience behind it with a proven track record.

Here’s Just Some Things Event Managers Do:

  • Finding and booking a Venue that accommodates the number of guests in attendance
  • Arranging transportation and parking at (or near) the Venue
  • Getting the correct permits e.g. working with the local council
  • Having the appropriate insurance for the event
  • Risk Assessments, comply with Health & Safety Standards
  • Running Order for the event e.g. coordinating the entertainment, performers, caterers and more
  • Creating emergency contingency plans, crisis and situation management at the event
  • Managing security at the event

And the list goes on.

Of course, depending on the scope of the event, there may be more or fewer services required.

As an event management company, we provide the services above and more. We facilitate any event requirements from our clients.


Event Management Company Milton Keynes

We are an Event Management Company based in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, who manage, produce and organise events for all types of clients for events of all scales.

Operating from our office in Milton Keynes, we have a Global Reach, planning, managing and producing events not only in London and across the UK, but around the globe in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Las Vegas, just to name a few.

We have over fifteen years of experience in the events industry and have managed huge events for the likes of Netflix, Amazon and MINI. We’ve also worked with local councils, shopping centres and more providing our event management services and more.

When booking with Julia Charles Event Management, you can rest assured of a fully comprehensive service covering all aspects of your event to ensure it runs smoothly without issue. You can pick and choose the services you require.

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End-to-end Event Management services

The best thing about booking us to manage your event is that we can run your whole event from conception through to completion. We are a one-stop shop.

We specialise in big projects that require multiple services to create the event. Equally, we can provide our services for smaller-scale events, whether it’s an Office Christmas Party or Themed Event.

Not only are we there to plan and carry out your event. We are also there after your event to analyse data expenditure and stats to measure event success and more.

Whether you’re hiring Corporate Event Management or Private Event Management, we work in the background on your day ensuring everything goes to plan. We ensure (and guarantee) your event runs smoothly.

You can enjoy your event without having to worry about any of the logistics.

On the day of your event, we are on hand. From setting up and dressing your venue to overseeing any AV set up that’s required. Briefing and managing staff at the event to coordinating performers and set times.

Some Services We Offer:

Our services are available to book individually or as a full package.

  • Strategy and Planning
  • Venue and Supplier Sourcing
  • Performer and Speaker Hire
  • Delegate Management
  • Accommodation and Travel Management
  • Operations and Logistics
  • Budgeting and Reporting
  • Venue dressing and theming
  • Receiving deliveries
  • Onsite Management and staffing hire
  • Performer time line coordination
  • Staging and Technical Support
  • Guest Management
  • Post-event analysis

Statistics showing the benefits of booking events for Businesses.

How Do We Work?

Firstly we sit down with the client or company we’re working with and plan out a strategy.

We take time to understand intent, outcome and budget to then create the event concept. Focusing specifically on outlined key focuses.

We focus on gathering information and understanding intent to ensure we create an ultimately successful event.

One of the many reasons for hiring a corporate events company is that we are able to control all aspects of your Event. Everything from Venue sourcing and Delegate Management. To Attendee Registration and Travel Hire.

A great thing about our Event Management Service is that we charge a flat fee dependent on the overall budget. Therefore ensuring there are no hidden fees.

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