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Looking To Book Chinese New Year entertainmenT?

If you are looking for Chinese New Year entertainment, then you are in the right place. We have a wide selection of unique entertainment options and show to make your Chinese New Year event one to remember!

We bring the wow factor of a Chinese Circus to life with our abundance of Chinese Circus Acts and Chinese Circus Shows on our roster. We have acrobats that spring into action whilst performing brilliant acrobatic tricks and stunts that will really amaze your guests.

Chinese Lion Dancers 2

We also have a wide range of Chinese walkabout entertainment for events that are of an extremely high standard. These performers are especially popular for Chinese New Year Street Parades and more.

As you know when this festival celebration kicks in, it’s all about the tradition. We supply a range of traditional Chinese Entertainment including Lion Dancers, Chinese Circus Acts, Martial Arts Shows and more.

Other performers and acts that are popular at this time of year and on past events we have created are flag dancers and ribbon dancers. We can supply flag dancers for events all over the UK and Europe to celebrate your Themed Event!

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