LED Ballet Dancers

Our LED Ballet Dancers are classically trained ballerinas with a special technique in classical ballet and pointe work, fully costumed small and large-scale ballet performances.

Our glow dance entertainment can perform either excerpt from timeless classical ballet productions, such as “Swan Lake” and “The Nutcracker” or create bespoke performances which are specially created for your event.

These LED Ballet Dancers will ensure that all choreographed pieces are carefully designed and beautifully costumed, to add a touch of glamour and magic to every performance. Our ballet entertainment has performed for high-profile clientele, meaning that these themed dancers are the best and in-demand performers.

This glow dance entertainment is perfect for events, parties, gala’s, weddings, PR launches and festivals. Catering to many events our harlequin ballet dancers will bring joy and delight to any guest attending.

Reasons to Book These Ballet Dancers:

  • Pioneers in ‘Ballerina Events’
  • High-Quality Costumes
  • Professionally trained Ballerinas from the world’s top ballet companies
  • Impressive line-up options
  • Previous clients such as Philarmonic Orchestra, Natural History Museum and Le Meridien Piccadilly
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Watch our LED Ballet Dancers right here!

This glow dance entertainment will astound your guests, take a look at our ballet entertainment and see how they will put a twinkle in your guest’s eyes.

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