The Incredible Bubble Shows

The Incredible Bubbles Shows for hire are performed by our multitalented bubble performer. This accomplished bubbleologist has a stunning array of tricks that he will perform in 1 of his 3 show options.

Children and adults alike will be mesmerised as he creates bubble magic before their eyes. Our Bubble Man has over 12 years of experience and knows exactly how to captivate the crowds.

Reasons to Book This Artist

  • 3 magical bubble show options to choose from
  • Over 12 years’ experience as a circus entertainer
  • Features bubbles that explode into flames & smoke-filled bubbles
  • Previous clients include Matthew Williamson
  • Adaptable shows
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Professional Bubbleologist – Watch it Here!

Take a look and witness the magic of bubbles. Our professional bubbleologist will amaze you with his variety of tricks and tools that make bubbles of all shapes and sizes. Our versatile children’s entertainer can perform his shows both indoors and outdoors making them perfect for our British weather. This family-friendly show is something that both children and adults will love making it perfect for the whole family.

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Our professional bubble performer for hire will bring an abundance of bubble magic to your next children’s event.

This talented bubble performer and children’s entertainer has over 12 years of experience as a circus performer which he has merged with his love of science to become the incredible bubble performer and children’s entertainer he is.

The bubble show entertainment provided by our esteemed bubble performer and children’s entertainer is a sure-fire way to get children interested in science. This bubble show, created by our children’s entertainer is an exciting child & family show that will be sure to captivate children and adults alike.

These child & family bubble shows are completely family-friendly making them perfect for children’s parties and family fun day events. Our children’s entertainer is all about creating the most exciting time possible for everyone through his magical bubble shows. Our bubble performer and children’s entertainer has mastered mind-blowing bubble tricks, which are demonstrated in these incredible bubble shows, that will make you re-think science.

Our children’s entertainer will blow you away with tricks such as the child in the giant bubble, smoke-filled bubbles, bubbles that explode into and flames and more. The exciting bubble tricks performed by our children’s entertainer and which are featured in this bubble show, will be sure to make any event unforgettable. This exciting children’s show will leave children and adults both wanting more. This children’s entertainer creates an exciting and unique bubble show option that is perfect for outdoor children’s events.

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The bubble performer has 3 bubble show options, each as exciting as the last, that will create the best time possible for all your guests. Option 1 is the Kid’s Party Stage Show. Our children’s entertainer will make your child feel special when he demonstrates the famous Child in a Bubble Trick.

The rest of the party will be stunned as our children’s entertainer completely envelopes the birthday girl or boy in a giant bubble. Our bubble performer will also perform The World’s Most Dangerous Bubble, Billion Bubbles and even bubbles within bubbles. With such a variety included in this bubble show, your kids are sure to be amazed by this incredible bubble performer and children’s entertainer.

The second option provided by our children’s entertainer is a Freestyle Mix and Mingle which is mainly hired for outdoor festivals, street parties and family fun days. With his magic bubble wand, our bubble performer will create a multitude of bubbles of all sizes that will get everyone chasing after them looking to pop a few. This children’s bubble show will be sure to bring communities together.

The final bubble show option is the Bubble Stage Show. This is the perfect option for corporate events because it’s able to reach a wide range of people from within a venue. The children’s entertainer and bubble performer will perform a stunning range of tricks that will leave everyone amazed and wanting more.

Our amazing bubble show entertainment provided by our bubble performer and children’s entertainer will be sure to leave everyone at your next event completely enchanted. This children’s party entertainment is the perfect family show to hire for a wide range of events including; children’s parties, family fun days or kid’s festivals in Brighton and across the UK.

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