Gospel Choir

All session singers and original artists in their own right, the members of our Gospel choir for hire have performed with and recorded with world-renown artists and TV programmes, such Plan B, Stevie Wonder, Keane, Blur, The X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, Andrew Lloyd Webber and The Gorillaz among many others.

As a flexible group of ten core members, they can fill a small or large venue with joyful music and electrifying voices. Our Gospel choir for hire can be booked as a 4 piece, 6 or 8 piece ensemble to perform a cappella, with a pianist or a full band and experience an exuberant show.

Their repertoire puts a 21st-century spin on classic gospel tunes and old hymns, to their own versions of contemporary gospel and well-known pop songs, their performances are infectiously enjoyable, inclusive and puts a sparkle on to any event!

Our Gospel choir can be hired to perform at many event types across London and the UK.

During the Christmas season, they can perform festive songs and carols whilst they wear festive attire for Christmas themed events.

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