Gift Box Elves

A large Christmas present sits on the ground, not doing anything, in particular, sitting perfectly innocently although probably right in the way of someone or something, but it sits there all the same.

Now look closer and the bow on the top moves, just a little at first but it definitely moves. A little more, then it stops. Is it just your imagination? Or too much festive cheer? Watch a bit longer and arms appear, then legs and finally a head pops up from under the bow. There’s a Christmas Elf inside!!

The Christmas present elves are brilliant and highly amusing walkabout entertainment. With their unique sense of fun and cheekiness and a touch of acrobatics thrown in, our Christmas elves for hire can cause hilarious mayhem at the drop of a hat, although not their hats of course as that would be most un-elfy of them!

In the box, out the box, on the box, under the box, these elves will pull you into their madcap world with side-splitting results. Don’t worry though as they are both fully aware of their ‘elf and safety duties and have a sewing kit available to mend any split sides!

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