Golden Fawns

The Golden Fawns are the most mystical stilt walkers for hire in the industry. Book these Christmas entertainers as a walkabout act for corporate events and Christmas themed events in London and the UK.

Why Book The Golden Fawns?

  • Experienced Christmas entertainers with a passion for their jobs
  • Great as a meet and greet or walkabout act
  • Master stilt walkers with an arsenal of other circus skills too
  • Beautifully designed costumes that will make jaws drop throughout your corporate event
  • Excellent walkabout act in terms of audience interaction
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The Golden Fawns are a band of mythical beasts that are stilt walkers for hire and can be booked as a walkabout act for Christmas themed events. To book these Christmas entertainers for your corporate event, get in touch with us as soon as you can!

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Read More About The Golden Fawns

Our Golden Fawns are stilt walkers for hire who come from a whole other world of imagination. They’ve been popular characters in Greek mythology, and are now even more popular Christmas entertainers for corporate events in London and the UK. The half-human and half-goat hybrids are beautiful, elegant and playful creatures, creating an interactive walkabout act that people of all ages can enjoy. See your most peculiar curiosities satisfied with these marvellous stilt walkers for hire at your Christmas themed event.

These Christmas entertainers have the most elaborate shiny golden and fluffy white costumes that will make your corporate event feel like paradise. You’ll notice that every farthest stretch of your imagination is engaged by this surreal walkabout act, as these serene beasts create a dreamlike environment in which you’ll find yourself lost. However, be careful of getting too distracted by these stilt walkers for hire, as they’ve been known to play tricks on guests after placing them in a hypnotic trance at previous Christmas themed events in London and the UK.

You’ll struggle to find Christmas entertainers as good at interacting with guests as this walkabout act. These stilt walkers for hire are renowned for engaging with audiences with light-hearted, playful tricks that will make everyone laugh at your next corporate event in London or the UK. No matter how old or young you are, you’d be damned not to find a place in your heart for these Christmas entertainers, even if they do play a prank or two at your Christmas themed event.

Book these truly majestic stilt walkers for hire for your next corporate event in London or the UK to create an unforgettable experience for your guests. For more information on how to book these Christmas entertainers as a walkabout act for a Christmas themed event, please get in touch as soon as you can.

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