Mistletoe Kisses

Our Christmas stilt walker is a fun-filled act that will brighten up your Christmas.

This interactive Christmas entertainer is highly experienced and knows how to bring Christmas cheer to downbeat shoppers.

This Christmas walkabout act would be a wonderful addition to any Christmas-themed event.

Why Book Mistletoe Kisses?

  • A Hilarious, comedic Christmas walkabout act
  • Fun-filled Christmas stiltwalker
  • Our Christmas entertainer has a portable mini sound system which adds to the hilarity
  • Experienced comedy Christmas walkabout act
  • Perfect for shopping centres & Christmas light switch on’s
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Read more about our Christmas Stilt Walker

Our Christmas stilt walker is a delightful walkabout act that will create a wonderful atmosphere at any Christmas event. This Christmas walkabout act is an experienced performer who has performed across the country at many different events. Our Christmas stilt walker is a light-hearted comedy act.

Our Christmas walkabout act is a matchmaker who spreads love throughout the festive period. This comedy act carries her trusted mistletoe with her everywhere she goes, in the hopes of catching future lovebirds unawares.

This Christmas stilt walker is a fun-filled comedy act that will bring smiles to any face throughout the festive period. Our comedy act also has a portable sound system which plays the perfect romantic music that immediately sets the mood for her matches. Our comedy walkabout act is a unique Christmas act that will bring people together over the Christmas period.

Our comedy walkabout act has a beautiful costume made from a rich green and gold which makes her perfect for Christmas-themed events. This Christmas party entertainment even features mistletoe in her golden locks.

This comedy walkabout act has a stick of mistletoe that she carries with her everywhere she goes. Our Christmas stilt walker immediately stands out with her bright costume and noticeable height advantage.

This comedy walkabout act is all about creating cheeky and fun-filled time at Christmas. Our Christmas stilt walker will be sure to create endless laughs and love matches at your next Christmas-themed event.

This wonderful Christmas party entertainment is available to hire for shopping centre events, corporate events or themed events in London and across the UK. If you would like to hire our Christmas party entertainment, simply get in contact today.

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