Santa Birds

Our Santa birds are unique and innovative stilt walkers for hire that are a sure bet to provide your guests with a barrel of laughs.

Book these Christmas entertainers as a walkabout act for various shopping centre events and Christmas parades in London and the UK.

Why Book Our Santa Birds?

  • Creative and unique act with hilarious Santa/bird fusion costumes
  • A wealth of entertainment experience as stilt walkers and in other circus disciplines
  • A versatile act that can be hired as a walkabout act, meet and greet act etc.
  • Perfect for outdoor shopping centre events and Christmas parades
  • Always received great reactions from clients for their weird and wonderful displays
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Read more about the Santa Bird Stilt Walkers

The Santa Birds are stilt walkers for hire who provide a hilarious adaptation of the way we picture Christmas. These Christmas entertainers will have you and your guests in stitches when Santa Claus rides gallantly into the shopping centre event on the back of a giant, brightly coloured bird. These stilt walkers for hire have created a superbly imaginative walkabout act concept that Lewis Carroll himself would have been proud of, especially when more and more Christmas entertainers spring out onto the scene in the same barmy fashion.

With over twenty years of experience as stilt walkers, this walkabout act has been there and done it all. They are expertly skilled in various circus disciplines, and the group contains many avid dancers and capable actors, making these Christmas entertainers a rather multi-talented bunch. And to top it all off, they’re pioneering visual artists who never fail to amaze audiences at large, outdoor, shopping centre events with their creative use of costume and colour. These stilt walkers for hire have created a walkabout act that has many more facets than first meets the eye.

Our Christmas entertainers are genuine veterans of their trade and have been leaving guests of shopping centre events dumbfounded over and over again along their path to the success we know them for today. Previous clients are always more than happy to be publicly singing their praises, and the group of stilt walkers for hire have received many kind words in their long and illustrious history. One client said that the coveted Christmas entertainers ‘stunned spectators with its extraordinary explosion of colour and movement’, while another said the walkabout act had ‘delighted the audience with a torrent of visual imagery and, after a storm of applause, left everyone with the pure excitement of art’.

To book the Santa Birds as a walkabout act for your shopping centre event in London or the UK this Christmas, get in touch with us as soon as you can.

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