Christmas Fairy Ballerinas

The Christmas Fairy Ballerinas for hire are a duo of chunky dancers who may have eaten too much last Christmas.

These thoroughly funny ballerinas have been rejected from the Royal School of Ballet, but that hasn’t stopped them from pursuing their dreams.

Why Book Our Christmas Fairy Ballerinas?

  • Funny and interactive Christmas Walkabout Entertainment option
  • Soundtrack of Christmas classics
  • Available for indoor or outdoor Christmas events
  • They get the audience involved at your Christmas event or parade
  • Unique and entertaining Christmas duo
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Watch Our Christmas Fairy Ballerinas In Action!

Our Christmas ballet dancers are the perfect Christmas entertainment option for your family fun days and corporate events in London and the UK. The Christmas ballerinas are unique and very entertaining with excellent humour

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Our Christmas ballerinas will prance around any event or venue with unique and special moves guaranteed to make your guests laugh. The Christmas Ballet dancers are accompanied by their portable amp which plays a series of contemporary songs that they can show their Christmas ballet choreography too.

This Christmas entertainment is seriously funny and wonderfully interactive. Our Christmas ballerinas love to get willing members of the public involved and won’t hesitate to show off their fabulous moves to anyone and everyone who is watching the Christmas show. The Christmas Ballet dancers are the perfect Christmas entertainment option to hire for a wide range of events including; Christmas-themed events, shopping Centre events, Winter Wonderland events and much more.

The Christmas walkabout act is available and adaptable for both indoor and outdoor events. The Christmas ballerinas are unique and can create bespoke Christmas shows to meet the requirements of individual events.
The Christmas Ballet dancers are suitable for all audiences including children. Children will be fascinated by the Christmas entertainment and adults will laugh at the humour of our Christmas ballerinas. Previous testimonials describe the Christmas act as ‘Quirky, unique, inventive and skilled’ showing that the Christmas act is popular because of its uniqueness.

The Christmas ballerinas dress in costumes sure to make their guests giggle. The Christmas ballet girls dress in pink costumes and pink wigs to make the Christmas act as entertaining as possible. The Christmas ballerinas love to get their audience involved to ensure that everybody is enjoying themselves and having a great time. The Christmas Ballet dancers will walk around your venue looking for guests to humour and will put on a unique Christmas show, A Christmas show like you’ve never seen before!

This Christmas walkabout act is available to book for Christmas parties, Fun days and lots of other events in London and the UK. Book them now to give your guests a humorous event.

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