Classy Christmas Pigs

The Classy Christmas Pigs are a group of unique Christmas walkabout animal characters and will be a hilarious addition to your Christmas themed event this winter.

These Christmas entertainers are a sharp and witty walkabout act that’s ideal to hire for corporate events and shopping centre events in London or the UK.

Why Book Our Classy Christmas Pigs?

  • Performed for high profile clients – BBC Glastonbury, Smirnoff, Dubai Shopping Festival
  • Interactive Christmas walkabout act will get all your guests involved in the fun
  • Comedy Christmas act with an extensive repertoire of jokes and gags that will have everyone’s sides splitting
  • Come bedecked in unique, bespoke costumes that will capture your imagination
  • Experienced Christmas entertainers really are masters of their own art
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Our Classy Christmas Pigs are an exciting walkabout act that can lift the mood at any Christmas themed event. in London or the UK this winter. These walkabout animal characters have been taken from your wildest imagination, and are played by veteran Christmas entertainers to create an ingeniously witty, comedy act. Whether you book them for a corporate event or shopping centre event, the result is the same: a swarm of delighted guests marvelling at this magnificent walkabout act.

The quick-fire reactions of this comedy act have had many corporate event clients itching to sing their praises. The walkabout act these Christmas entertainers put on has time and again received comments like – ‘Thank you for making our exhibition so special and for wowing the punters – yet again!!!’ – for consistently wowing guests at Christmas themed events. You’ll struggle to find walkabout animal characters in London and the UK whose comedy act is so popular with so many clients.

These Christmas entertainers are known for their attention to detail when it comes to designing the costumes for these walkabout animal characters. They hold the view that appearance is key to completing a comedy act, and will ensure their apparel nothing is nothing short of perfect when you hire them as a walkabout act for your corporate event. This is what puts the class in the Christmas pigs and, parallel with the genius of their comedy act, will be the talking point of any Christmas themed event.

Don’t miss out on these Christmas entertainers and their hilarious walkabout act for your shopping centre event this Winter. For more information on how to book these walkabout animal characters and their brilliant comedy act for corporate events and shopping centre events in London or the UK, get in touch before they inevitably get booked up!

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