Dancing Christmas Turkeys

Our dancing turkey act tour the land with their feathery mix of tap dancing, turkey talk and Christmas shopping tips. Masters of animal-themed entertainment and Christmas walkabout acts, they are perfect for Christmas-themed walkabout entertainment.

They are a comedy duo that will bring plenty of Christmas cheer to your event. Being two of Britain’s leading street performers, the Christmas tap dancers provide an exciting Christmas act that will leave your audience with an event to remember.

Suitable for a wide range of events, our comedy duo has a great sense of humour that will involve and entertain your audience. With an abundance of experience doing their dancing turkey act, they will not fail to provide.

Why Book Our Dancing Christmas Turkeys?

  • Fun, entertaining Christmas tap dancers that will add a unique element to your event
  • Two of Britain’s leading Christmas walkabout acts
  • A comedy duo perfect for Christmas Themed Events
  • Suitable for all ages – will entertain any audience
  • Great sense of humour, involves your audience – leaves your guests with a great experience
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Watch Our Dancing Turkeys In Action!

Have a look at a video of our dancing turkey act in action, as they entertain the crowds with their exciting tap-dancing routines. This fun-filled comedy duo will bring a smile to your face over the Christmas period with their unique style of dancing. Our Christmas tap dancers are a wonderful act that is perfect to hire for Christmas-themed events, shopping centre events and much more.

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If you are after animal-themed entertainment, perfect for any Christmas themed event, your audience will love our funny, entertaining dancing turkey act creating a comedy duo with their two charismatic birds and hilarious bird talk, that will leave your audience laughing and with an experience to remember. The Christmas tap dancers will add a fun, unique element to your event, which your audience will really enjoy. They are Britain’s leading street performers and provide their act in Shopping Centres, community events, food festivals and much more. Our dancing turkey act provides animal-themed entertainment at a top-level. The comedy duo will not fail to provide a fun, involving act that will really engage your audience. Suitable for all ages, the Christmas walkabout act can be used for a variety of events.

The comedy duo makes full use of impressive, over-the-top, humorous costumes that will make viewers laugh out loud. This makes them a very unique act in the animal-themed entertainment field, with their funny outfits and specialised tap dancing skill – they are Christmas tap dancers after all. Being two of Britain’s leading street performers, they engage your audience in a fun, interactive way to both children and adults alike – our comedy duo will use their funny costumes and humour to leave adults and children with happy smiling faces, and they are masters of this. For Christmas walkabout acts this is essential.

What our dancing turkey act provides is a fun experience for all through funny dances, speaking to your audience, and giving funny, entertaining shopping tips. Being that they are Christmas tap dancers, they are talented dancers that really enhance their comedy duo act. At the top of the animal-themed entertainment sector, they are the perfect act for your event. If you are after fun, unique animal entertainment that will really entertain your guests and leave them with an experience to remember, do not hesitate to get in contact with our team if you would like to put on an event, book our Christmas tap dancers, or just simply find out more about Christmas walkabout acts and animal-themed entertainment we have on offer.

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