Festive Waiters

The Festive Waiters are a pair of fantastic comedy waiters that can be hired as a walkabout act for corporate events and Christmas themed events.

These Christmas entertainers are extremely popular and provide one of the most professional spoof waiter acts in London and the UK.

Reasons to Book These Christmas Entertainers

  • Walkabout act was part of a theatre collective that won awards at Open Street Festival in Milan
  • Comedy waiters have performed in over 22 countries
  • Performed at big corporate events for the likes of BBC, Coca Cola, ITV and Visa
  • Christmas entertainers have 16 years of experience under their belts
  • Spoof waiters are part of one of the UK’s leading street theatre companies
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Watch the spoof waiters in action here!

Watch our comedy waiters perform their hilarious walkabout act! These spoof waiters can be hired for corporate events and Christmas themed events in London and the UK.

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Our duo of Christmas entertainers, the Festive Waiters, provide a hilariously funny walkabout act to hire for Christmas themed events. They’ve pioneered the concept of comedy waiters, taking it to a whole new level with this ingenious act, and have had guests in stitches at numerous corporate events in London and the UK over the last 16 years.

Full of energy, wit and a real grasp on slapstick humour, these spoof waiters are a sure bet to keep all your guests entertained at any event, whether they’re eighteen of eighty.

This innovative take on street theatre has been impressing guests at corporate events all over the globe, having performed as Christmas entertainers in over 22 countries. These comedy waiters have received glowing feedback from clients in Qatar and Milan, proving their walkabout act is universally funny.

Their proven track record of success means you can be guaranteed that everyone will love these spoof waiters at your next Christmas themed event, and the fact that the walkabout act is silent means that anyone can enjoy no matter which language they speak.

You know you’re getting the best with these spoof waiters when you look at the sort of clientele they attract. These Christmas entertainers have become so popular that they’ve been booked out for high profile corporate events for huge firms such as BBC, Coca Cola, ITV and Visa, and never failed to impress at each one, receiving comments like ‘the crowds loved the comedy waiters.

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