LED Drumming Robots

The LED Drumming Robots are a fascinating walkabout act whose formidable presence won’t go unnoticed at your Christmas Themed Event.

These LED performers are Christmas entertainers with an intriguing twist, who have been captivating guests at Christmas parades and shopping centre events across London and the UK.

Why Book Our LED Drumming Robots?

  • Astonishing walkabout act which incorporates breathtaking and powerful visual art
  • Experienced and talented LED performers with a burning passion for what they do
  • Clients are queuing up to share their glowing feedback for these stilt walkers for hire
  • Creates an unorthodox and futuristic atmosphere without harming Christmas vibe
  • Perfect stilt walkers for hire for Christmas parades and shopping centre events
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You’ll certainly notice the difference our LED Drumming Robots will make at your Christmas themed event. With their stunning visual formation and mighty marching drums, these LED performers take the concept of being Christmas entertainers to a whole new level.

Their innovative walkabout act has been sweeping through London and the UK, causing jaws to drop at all the Christmas parades and shopping centre events they step foot in. These LED performers have their own interpretation of how Christmas magic should be spread … and it’s working.

It’s hard to find Christmas entertainers in London and the UK that love what they do as much as these stilt walkers for hire. They’re literally here, there and everywhere, pioneering a new way to enjoy Christmas parades and building a cult following as they go.

You can see and hear these magical LED performers for miles around, and feel the pure joy of Christmas as it fills the shopping centre event and its neighbouring towns. Whatever you have in mind for your next Christmas themed event, one thing you can be assured of is this walkabout act will exceed all expectations.

Committed to being the best walkabout act around, the state of the art costumes worn by these LED performers will blow guests at your Christmas parade away. Their spectacular light performance is enhanced further by the reflective, silver robots suits these Christmas entertainers have hand made for the best possible results.

Whoever attends your Christmas parade will be talking about the perfect combination of precision engineering and creative flair these LED performers incorporate into their walkabout act.

It’s quite clear these Christmas entertainers provide a service like no other, and will transform your Christmas parade from mediocre to the highest quality. For more information on how to book these LED performers as a walkabout act for Christmas themed events and shopping centre events in London and the UK, get in touch as soon as you can!

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