Santa’s Reindeer

Our beautiful, real reindeer are key to creating a truly quintessential Christmas event this winter. Each of the seven of Santa’s reindeer has their own adorable quirks and are available to hire for corporate events and Christmas parades in London and the UK.

Why Book Santa’s Reindeer?

  • All real reindeer are delightfully timid and excellently behaved around children
  • Each is an entirely different character with its own loveable personality
  • Four have served on Santa’s sleigh and have inside knowledge of the legend himself
  • Package includes bespoke sleigh that children can take a ride in
  • All are filled with the infectious spirit of Christmas!
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Our beautiful, real reindeer are the epitome of Christmas magic, and they’re right on your doorstep. Hire Santa’s reindeer for corporate events and Christmas parades in London and the UK.

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Our real Santa’s reindeer are guaranteed to bring the magic of Christmas to any corporate event or Christmas parade this winter. The seven elegant beasts have literally been there and done it all when it comes to festivities, and have a catalogue of Christmas stories to tell about the coveted Mr Claus. Having retired and settled in Britain in favour of the warmer climate, these real reindeer are available for hire for events across London and the UK.

Some of our real reindeer are true veterans of Lapland’s winter series, having served under Santa delivering presents across the globe for many winters past. After gaining celebrity status for their outstanding contribution to the Christmas industry, Vixen, Comet, and Cupid will certainly be the headline acts at your corporate event. At their famous sides are four of Santa’s reindeer’s youngest prodigies. Snow Sprinkles, Dewdrop, Winter and Twinkle, are taking time out from their studies at the prestigious North Pole Academy to act as ambassadors to the UK for Lapland.

These real reindeer were born and raised with a special love for children and a mandate to ensure their festive joy is widespread. They’re experienced in interacting with people of all ages, meaning that there is no reason to be shy with them at your corporate event or Christmas parade. Our Santa’s reindeer are quite literally waiting for their beautiful, thick fur to be stroked and petted, and enjoy engaging with as many new friendly people as they can.

These real reindeer are a unique and magical act. They will quite literally transform your corporate event or Christmas parade from being good, to an unforgettable experience that will stand out to your guests for years to come. To book for events in London and the UK, please get in contact as soon as you can!

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