The Austerity Association

The Austerity Association is a stern-faced walkabout act comprised of leading figures in the Victorian themed entertainment industry.

These Christmas entertainers can be hired as a comedy act in a group of up to five for Christmas themed events and shopping centre events in London and the UK.

Why Book The Austerity Association?

  • Hilarious tongue-in-cheek walkabout act will have people of all ages in stitches
  • Comedy act has impressed high profile clients ie. Manchester City Galleries
  • Beautifully designed, authentic costumes will take you on a waltz through time
  • Highly interactive Christmas entertainers will get everyone involved in the festivities
  • Perfect for Christmas themed events and shopping centre events
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The Austerity association is a comedy act made up of some of the funniest and most experienced Christmas entertainers in London and the UK. This walkabout act provides top of the range Victorian-themed entertainment and is perfect for shopping centre events and many other Christmas themed events.

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Add some light-hearted Victorian-themed entertainment to your shopping centre event this winter with the Austerity Association. This highly interactive walkabout act has been prolifically tickling guests at Christmas themed events across London and the UK, stirring up a whirlwind of praise and compliments. These sought-after Christmas entertainers love performing their comedy act for people of all ages, and are renowned for making sure everyone is included in their walkabout act.

Filled with jokes, gags and a deep concern for enforcing 19th-century moral codes, this comedy act really is Victorian themed entertainment at its finest. Taking on the role of advocates for puritan ethics, this walkabout act won’t miss a beat when it comes rectifying your lack of decorum. You’ll do best to just comply with the instructions of these Christmas entertainers, as there is still yet to emerge a brave enough person to oppose their repertoire of sharp-tongued and quick-witted putdowns.

To complement their authentic personas, this walkabout act has gone all out to ensure they look the part too. Dressed in a selection of plain and simple clothes that cover all but their hands and faces, these Christmas entertainers are a hair’s length short of monks and nuns in terms of modest apparel, and will certainly pick up on any questionable or revealing fashion statements that they feel ‘contaminate the modern era’.

Be thankful this comedy act comes out at wintertime, as anything more than a loose ankle or wrist will send these Christmas entertainers into meltdown. Make sure you create the perfect atmosphere at your next shopping centre event with this comedy act and a touch of Victorian-themed entertainment. For more information on how to book these Christmas entertainers a walkabout act for Christmas themed events in London and the UK, get in touch soon!

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