The Christmas Lollipop Ladies

The Christmas Lollipop Ladies are a pair of whacky, wonderful Christmas entertainers whose luminescent costumes will catch you from a mile off.

This walkabout act is available for shopping centre events or children’s party in London and the UK.

Why Book The Christmas Lollipop Ladies?

  • Full of barmy Christmas anecdotes that will keep you amused for hours
  • Complete with hilarious jokes and crazy Christmas costumes
  • Larger than life personalities will make your queuing experience one to remember
  • Great at interacting with people of all ages, ideal for a children’s party
  • Perfect walkabout act for taking the stress out of the Christmas rush at the shopping centre
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Watch The Christmas Lollipop Ladies In Action!

The Christmas Lollipop Ladies are exciting and unique Christmas entertainers who are dead set on lifting your mood this winter. This walkabout act is available to hire for a shopping centre event or children’s party in London and the UK.

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Read More About The Christmas Lollipop Ladies

The Christmas Lollipop ladies dedicate their December to lightening the mood of the sullen hordes of people frantically rushing around to buy their last-minute presents at crowded shopping centre events. These Christmas entertainers are a walkabout act consisting of a spritely pair of gals who are saturated with the spirit of Christmas and want nothing more than to share their joy and positivity. Add some excitement to the boring shopping centre event in your town, or throw a truly barmy children’s party in London and the UK this Christmas.

These Christmas entertainers were born with an extra helping of Christmas joy. No matter if you’re moping around the shopping centre event, viciously glaring at everyone you cross paths with as you tackle the relentless chore of Christmas shopping, this walkabout act will approach you with a pair of beaming smiles. These Christmas entertainers will always endeavour to spread the season’s cheer in your direction, however disgruntled and Scrooge- like you appear to be, and you’ll have no choice but to lighten up once this walkabout act spots you.

However, be warned that you might not make it to where you want to be heading at the shopping centre event, at the first attempt anyway. These Christmas entertainers have a habit of redirecting people to random destinations around the shopping centre and take great pleasure in doing so. Please remember: to enjoy this walkabout act and its hilarious potential, you can only trust them as far as you can throw them!

These Christmas entertainers’ mischievous tendencies are light-hearted and always well received. Here are some comments about the walkabout act from their long list of happy clients from previous shopping centre events in London and the UK- ‘the audience loved their mischievous redirecting of traffic and people and their banter delighted passers-by’ and ‘You two are absolutely the best Lollipop Ladies ever! You’re awesome!’

To hire the Christmas Lollipop Ladies as Christmas entertainers or a walkabout act for a shopping centre event or children’s party in London and the UK, please get in touch as soon as possible!

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