The Christmas Satsumas

The Christmas Satsumas are wild and whacky Christmas entertainers who are bound to ramp up the fun and excitement at your Christmas themed event.

We can safely say there isn’t another walkabout act like it, and these children’s entertainers are ideal for children’s parties and shopping centre events in London and the UK.

Why Book The Christmas Satsumas?

  • Unique, crazy and exciting Christmas Walkabout act that will win over the hearts of many
  • Awesome Satsuma costumes that look good enough to eat!
  • Children’s entertainers will hand out real oranges, adding 1 of your kids’ 5 a day to their fun
  • Perfect entertainment option for children’s parties and shopping centre events
  • Hugely interactive children’s entertainers that relish family-oriented fun
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Read More About The Christmas Satsumas

The Christmas Satsumas will provide you children’s party with a brand new concept of walkabout act that has proved to be extremely popular. These Christmas entertainers have created a fun-filled, family-based, interactive act that also promotes healthy eating! Be warned, your fruit bills might be subject to an increase, but it’ll be worth it when you’ve experienced these brilliant children’s entertainers at a Christmas themed event or shopping centre event in London or the UK.

It’s hard to describe the show these quirky Christmas entertainers put on at children’s parties without seeing it, because of just how barmy it is. Guests can peel the costumes worn by this walkabout act, revealing juicy segments which, much like fortune cookies, provide some insight into people’s personalities. Everyone attending the shopping centre event will be categorised as either ‘sweet’ or ‘sour’ by these children’s entertainers and their magic costumes, one of the light-hearted, funny facets of their performance.

You won’t find a walkabout act quite like this in the whole of London and the UK, as this crazy idea comes from a part of the imagination that only these creative Christmas entertainers have access to. It is an experience that will make your children’s party or Christmas themed event unforgettable for everyone involved, and will encourage kids to eat more healthily. One thing we can assure you booking these children’s entertainers will do is provide a fun and educational family experience.

Make sure you secure these amazing Christmas entertainers for your children’s party before they inevitably get completely booked up. This walkabout act is a sure-fire way to ensure your Christmas themed event is a success, so for more information on how to book these children’s entertainers in London and the UK, get in touch with us as soon as you get the chance and we’ll be more than happy to help!

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