The Mirror Man

Our Mirror Man is a dazzling Christmas entertainer for hire who never fails to shine and stand out at corporate events and shopping centre appearances. Book this human statue for Christmas themed events in London and the UK.

Why Book The Mirror Man?

  • A breathtaking Christmas act that is guaranteed to catch every eye within a mile radius
  • Comes with a rotating podium to make him a human statue disco ball
  • Can be supplied with LED lights to add even more vibrant colours to the party
  • Excellent Christmas performer who is entirely unique and creative with his surroundings
  • Available for hire for a range of Christmas Themed Events, both indoors and outdoors
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The Mirror Man never fails to amaze wherever he performs. Be it at corporate events, shopping centre appearances or other private Christmas events, this Christmas entertainer has a firm grasp on every guest’s gaze.

This utterly astounding visual spectacle is a human statue and unique entertainment option that is a guaranteed hit among guests, and is available to book for an array of different Christmas themed events spanning to all four corners of London and the UK.

What on earth does the Mirror Man do? This Christmas entertainer is a human statue who’s covered from head to toe in mirrors, reflecting the light with every slight movement to create incredible shapes wherever he goes.

This Christmas entertainer is always the top talking point at the party, as it’s likely that none of the guests will have seen anything quite like this human statue before. He creates a truly incredible visual phenomenon that has been likened to the fascinating experiences of Aurora Borealis or arriving at the Pearly Gates, turning your corporate event into a remarkable, transcendent affair that will remain in the minds of guests for years to come.

This Christmas entertainer has a track record of inspiring awe in whoever has the pleasure of witnessing this human statue and his unequivocally candescent display in London and the UK. This Christmas entertainer is a master of his surroundings and is renowned for being creative with the space he is provided.

You can also hire this human statue complete with colourful LED lights and a rotating podium, to create a spectacular human glitter ball that has been described as a mix of a classic seventies disco and Carnaby Street in December. So, if you want your corporate event to go down in history as one of the greatest of all time, then this Christmas entertainer ticks all the criteria.

To book this Christmas entertainer as a human statue for your corporate event, shopping centre appearance or private party in London and the UK, get in touch soon!

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