Forest Fairy Juggler

If you’re looking for a unique, valuable addition to your event, our contact juggler is the perfect walkabout juggling act for your event, whatever the occasion.

With the impressive talent this fairy juggler possesses, she will be sure to put on a show for you and your guests!

Reasons to Book Our Forest Fairy Juggler:

  • Walkabout entertainment that is suitable for a variety of events – meet and greet, table entertainment
  • The costumes of our crystal ball performer really stand out and amaze the audience
  • Our contact juggler performs worldwide and has performed in the likes of Kuwait and Singapore
  • Our fairy juggler will leave your guests with an experience to remember
  • Proven, talented crystal ball performer
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Our walkabout juggling act will be a valuable addition to a variety of events, with the range of skills she possesses as a crystal ball performer.

Walkabout entertainment is the perfect icebreaker for any event: corporate events, private events, meet-and-greet, family-friendly entertainment and more, as it makes your guests feel more comfortable, therefore giving them a better experience at the event.

Contact juggling is a unique and specialised skill that will amaze your audience, and our fairy juggler, in particular, is well-known for her smooth, fluid skill, as well as working at a variety of events, including corporate and private events. Our contact juggler also uses colourful costumes that add an element of theatricality to your event.

This walkabout juggling act has an abundance of experience behind her and has even travelled globally just to provide her walkabout entertainment. Our contact juggler has been to the likes of Madrid, Kuwait and Lisbon, proving her impressive talent as a crystal ball performer. This walkabout juggling act has also worked with an impressive list of clients, including the likes of Mercedes-Benz and Four Seasons Hotels, further proving her talent as a contact juggler.

What makes this fairy juggler so special is the way she brings her crystal orbs to life, with the smooth, fluid skill she possesses as a crystal ball performer, and her vast experience in walkabout entertainment.

If you are interested in this fairy juggler and would like to find out more, do not hesitate to get in contact with our team. We can also help you with finding more walkabout entertainment like our contact juggler.

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