LED Glow Dancers

This exciting, eye-catching global futuristic dance show is a very high-energy display that will really captivate and engage your audience.

With the impressive way the LED dance group are synchronised, they will really blow your mind with the way it looks on stage, and with the experience behind them, they will not fail to put on a show.

Reasons to Book This Artist

  • A proven LED dance show made up of four dancers that have travelled worldwide to provide their act, including the likes of Japan, Germany and Spain – very high end LED dance act
  • Impressive list of clients the group dance show have provided for, such as Microsoft, HP and Huawei
  • A truly visually stunning LED dance show
  • Endless possibilities with what the LED dance act entails – customizable to fit your event
  • Unique, futuristic act in the way the dancers are synchronised with each other
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Watch a live performance of our very own LED dance group!

Watch as our very own LED dance act provide an eye-catching display for the live audience on their impressive synchronised dance routine. Listen to the audience applaud and be blown away by the sheer talent of our futuristic dance show, and the way they perform as a group: this is what makes them such a unique, world-class LED dance group.

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This high-energy futuristic dance show will really put on a mind-blowing show for your audience to remember.

The group dance show is world-class in terms of the members’ ability to put on an act as a group – they are truly perfectly in-sync with each other, enabling them to put on an eye-catching display that works perfectly, and gives stunning visuals.

Equipped with high-tech LED outfits that work with the same tempo of the music, they put on a show that will really stand out and come together as a group. The LED dance group have the moves available to match the quality of the outfits and staging, and altogether provide a show that will really impress any audience and will be an act to stand out at your event – it will be a group dance show that they will talk about for months.

This is a LED dance show that really draws in a huge audience, and as a result have worked with huge clients, including the likes of Microsoft, Samsung and The Hilton. The group dance show has also travelled all over the world to display their stunning futuristic dance show – Japan, France, Germany and more. The reason they draw such a huge crowd is due to the stunning visuals their LED dance act provides through their staging, costumes and an overall high-energy performance.

Behind this LED dance group are also a number of awards they have achieved through their unique LED dance act, such as taking 1st place in World Dance Championships, making it to the finals of “Got Talent” and “Got To Dance” on numerous occasions. The LED dance show has also performed with several famous Polish singers: they are a very high-end, experienced group dance show.

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