Street Dancers

Composed of a group of some of the most talented professional street dancers in the London and the UK, our street dance act has a wealth of experience in performing for corporate events, private parties and more.

From Hip Hop to breakdance performance to the highly popular urban group dance … this dance group has it all.

Reasons to Book This Group

  • Can perform a variety of different street dances – Hip Hop, Breakdance performance etc.
  • Dance act can include audience participation to really get guests buzzing
  • Street dance group can cater their breakdance performance to the specific needs of the client
  • Performed in prestigious competitions (World Hip Hop Championships) and for big clients
  • Energetic, slick and mesmerising … an unforgettable breakdance performance for everyone!
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Street Dancers – Watch Them Here!

Our innovative street dance group will be a sure bet to take your breath away at your next corporate event. This dance act is available to hire for events across London and the UK to give your audience a night of hip hop dance, urban dance and breakdance performance to remember

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This thrilling street dance act is guaranteed to bring any corporate event in London and the UK to life with a mix of urban group dance, hip hop dance and traditional breakdance performance.

Our performers combine slick choreography, daring dance moves and eye-catching costumes to put on one of the most exciting shows by any UK street dance group.

Every performer in the hip hop dance group is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of UK street dance, and they’re always adapting the dance act to suit the needs of specific clients and their corporate event in London and the UK.

Atmosphere means everything to this street dance group, and every hip hop dancer strives to ensure every detail is considered to make each performance unique for each audience.

This innovative street dance act even incorporates audience participation into each thrilling breakdance performance, getting people out of their seats and doing things they never thought were possible.

If you want the guests at your corporate event in London and the UK to be bursting with energy and feel like they’re part of the show, then this street dance group will certainly tick all the boxes and create an unforgettable experience for everyone to get involved in.


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Dance groups and entertainment for corporate functions UK.

Overflowing with original and groundbreaking ideas that are choreographed to perfection, we’re currently looking at a street dance group that has taken the scene by storm over the last few years.

Combining a precise mix of creativity and discipline, they can connect with any audience you choose to put in front of them and will leave you dumbfounded as few other hip hop dance acts can … every time!

The list of clients singing their praises is endless, and no one leaves unimpressed by this a dance act and their groundbreaking interpretation of all genres of street dance.

They’ve performed in prestigious competitions such as the HHI World Hip Hop Championships (Las Vegas, USA), at iconic venues such as the Hammersmith Apollo, and for high profile corporate clients such as Mercedes Benz.

If you want leading pioneers of modern street dance to do a breakdance performance and make your corporate event in London and the UK unforgettable, then get in touch and book now!

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