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Our duo of cake and confectionery makers will blow you away with the delicious variety of flavours as well as the stunning decorations of the cakes.

These bakers are all about attention detail, making the best flavours and delivering a beautifully designed and eleant presentation of tiered cakes, cupcakes, cookies and even mini desserts.

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  • Can make the cakes & confectionery to suit any theme
  • 5-star hygiene rating
  • Can meet short notice deadlines with no problem
  • Incredible and delicious flavours
  • Classic and elegant aesthetics
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Our stunning bespoke wedding cakes and confectionery for hire will delight all of your guests. These beautifully decorated cakes are perfect for weddings as they will serve as a focal and talking point for guests.

Our talented bakers can make the cakes and confectionery to fit any theme which means they are perfect for a wide range of parties and events. The duo of bakers come from a medical background but made the jump into catering because it’s their passion.

This catering company specialises in making beautiful tiered wedding cakes, mini desserts, cookies, cupcakes and more. Your special day will be enhanced by one of our baker’s stunning original cakes.

If you’re hosting an exhibition or trade show why not entice people to come forth to your stand with some beautiful bespoke cookies and cupcakes that can feature your company’s branding and logo.

Our wedding dessert caterers for hire will provide amazing celebration cakes that are sure to leave your guests wanting more. These confectionery specialists will be sure to produce cakes that are your favourite colours and favourite flavours.

Whatever the occasion our wedding cake and confectionery specialists are the perfect catering option to hire for a wide range of events and celebrations in the UK.

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