Dino Wonder & The Explorer

Our fearless Explorer and his Dino Wonder are an exciting walkabout act that’s fun for the whole family.

This intrepid adventurer has come straight from the pages of the infamous Boy’s Own stories. Our Explorer and his Dino Wonder are battling through the modern-day terrain to return this walkabout dinosaur to The Land the Time Forgot.

The loveable Dino Wonder is an ancient beast who roams the earth with the ever-eccentric Explorer. Our walkabout dinosaur always draws huge crowds wherever he goes. This gentle giant is incredibly friendly and approachable and is also a great photo opportunity.

The Dino Wonder and the Explorer are a truly intriguing duo who will create a fascinating atmosphere wherever he goes. Our dinosaur walkabout act is the perfect entertainment option to book for Family Fun Days, Corporate Events or Summer Festivals.

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Watch Dino Explorer & The Explorer In action!

Watch as children and adults alike are completely enchanted by this ancient but gentle beast. Our walkabout dinosaur stands tall above almost everyone as he plods his way through the crowds of people. Our Dino Wonder is fearlessly accompanied by the adventurous Explorer and the 2 of them entertain the public as they go.

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