The Immersive Photo Booth

The immersive photo booth is a fitting entertainment option for a variety of events.

With customization offered for each event it features at and multiple photo options, this mirrored photo booth is sure to complement the atmosphere of your event and keep guests entertained!

Reasons to Book This Photo Booth:

  • Customizable for your event
  • Continual crowd pleaser
  • Suitable for big groups
  • High-end technology within photobooth
  • A fun & unique addition to your event
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The ‘Immersive photo Booth’ is a captivating, experiential performance installation, that your guests can step inside and enjoy. Standing alone in a room, the immersive photo booth is a curiosity.

What is it? What happens inside? Which side is the door? This event entertainment photo booth is hosted by a quintessentially English Doorman, dressed in black tie for the occasion, he allows the guests to enter the booth and closes the door behind them for a short period of escapism.

As your guests leave this photo booth for hire they are requested to keep ‘what lies on the other side’ a secret, so as not to ruin the surprise for the rest of the party. It’s a Tardis, it’s a personal disco, it’s completely unexpected, and everyone loves the effect inside, of seeing themselves reflected back to infinity.

Who doesn’t love a mirrored floor and ceiling? The ‘Immersive Photo Booth’ is the perfect selfie booth and as such is the perfect addition to space, sci-fi & LED themed functions, corporate events, private parties, and weddings.

Provide some branded items for your guests to take inside with them, to place your product at the heart of the action. The outside of the Immersive Photo Booth can be customised to suit your event, with professionally printed and applied vinyl’s.

The doorman or woman can be dressed to suit your theme also thus making for a bespoke event. This photo booth for hire is a rectangular box-type structure, internally lined with Perspex mirror panels and programmable RGB LED strip light, that reflects the image of whatever is inside, back to Infinity.

For more information on our immersive photo booth for hire do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team.

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