The Retro Arcade

This retro arcade games station will be sure to keep your audience amused and entertained for hours – being the first arcade play for hire to offer and build custom games and arcade machines specifically for your event this arcade games station for hire will give your guests a bespoke experience to remember.

Reasons to Book This Artist

  • All installations are customizable
  • Only company worldwide offering gaming and play in this unique way
  • New innovative installations are continually being design
  • Positive track record of performing at various events across the UK and Europe
  • The only company to offer custom games and bespoke installations at affordable prices
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Watch The Retro Arcade keeping audiences entertained!

Watch as the retro arcade brings fun to various events and festivals with custom-built retro arcade games, simple and creative physical games designed by game makers around the world the retro arcade guarantees the keep the masses amused and bring people together in a playful and interactive way.

A perfect addition to any event that needs amusement & some healthy competition

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The Retro arcade is a party, buddy builder, quest conqueror and nostalgia hit rolled into one. All installations are unique and designed to do one thing; bring people of all ages together through the universal language of play & fun.

Using digital and analogue games that are all simple to pick up, this attraction has been shown in places such as the V&A Museum, Bristol Old Vic, Birmingham Library and Weddings, Festivals and Corporate Events around the UK and Europe.

Using video games, custom-built retro arcade games, analogue installations using the latest technologies, simple and creative physical games designed by game makers around the world this exhibition attraction for hire guarantees to get people laughing, interacting and making new friends.

Whether you want a couple of installations spread out, a large area or huge projected games with comedy commentators these games and attractions for hire can be scaled to fit your specific requirements and what’s more games can be curated around your theme.

The retro arcade games for hire is also the first to offer and build custom games and arcade machines specifically for your event.

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games and attractions for hire

Tell your company’s/wedding/events story through your own game. Featuring characters from your companies/wedding/events.

We will work with you to make the game and provide it as a free download for all guests or in the form of a physical copy of the game given out as gifts.

Want to tell some comedic and legendary stories from around the office that people can play? Want to give your staff the chance to be the boss for a moment? Want to make a ‘who wants to be a millionaire’ style quiz people can play? The game’s contents are limited only by your imagination.

The machine itself is a bespoke arcade machine created in partnership with you. We’ve created games for weddings where you have to get the ring to the bride and games for birthdays which feature friends as animated pixel characters and tells a story as you play.

Our installations can be set up anywhere as long as there is power and it’s dry. They are easy to turn off and on during the event if you want periods where people focus on speeches etc. We can put them up for an hour, a day or a month (all of which we’ve done).

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