Digital Mannequin

Our Virtual Mannequin is a projected display system that is able to possess the form of either an actual person or of a character; you are able to decide how the mannequin looks.

The mannequin is projected on to a custom made Acrylic cut out and contains unique Content, such as what you desire the mannequin to say. This ensures that there is always a message being delivered to your audience, which also attracts attention from passers-by and the targeted audience in mind is drawn in creating potential clients.

These Virtual Mannequins enhance the experience for the customer and shoppers and create a unique selling point that your competitors will not have giving your exhibition stand the edge.

If you are looking to have a unique factor at your stand our Virtual Mannequins are the perfect interactive product to inform potential customers, visitors and guests, whether promoting a special offer, promotion or you are using them as entertainment at a special event.

The video content and acrylic cut out can be of whatever you desire whether that be your own company MD or a Staff Member, a hired model or even a cartoon character, the choice of the entity is in your hands.

With Pro AV Media Content Management we have the capability to offer you our Interactive Virtual mannequins which are able to perform separate content to other screens using bespoke interface software & programming units.

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