Epic Fire Breathers

Stand back as our Epic Fire Breathers unleash their flames! Book now to secure for your Outdoor Event.

Price From: £380 + VAT

REASONS TO BOOK OUR Epic Fire Breathers:

  • Multiple show durations are available
  • Fire Breathers for hire are trained professionals
  • Can be grouped with other Walkabout Acts
  • Circus Fire Breathers provide bespoke entertainment
  • Perform at events across the UK
  • Fire Artists are perfect for Corporate Events

Our Fire Breathers for hire are part of our fantastic array of Fire Dancers.

Able to breathe fire that reaches up to the sky, our Circus Fire Breathers are trained professionals that can combine other elements to their act to create a stunning performance.

Moreover, these Fire Artists can add Fire Eating, Fire Fans, Fire Swords, Fire Staffs and Fire Body Burning to their incredible performance to create a visual performance like no other.

Fire Breathers for hire can be paired with a range of other Dancers for hire to add a party atmosphere to your event.

Furthermore, our Circus Fire Breathers make for a great entertainment option for Festival Themed Events, Circus Themed Events, Halloween Themed Events and more!

If you are looking to add some more Walkabout Entertainment to your event that will offer captivating photo opportunities for your guests, our mesmerising Contact Jugglers and Stilt Walkers are a fantastic option.

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