Fire Dart Performers

Hire our Fire Dart Performers to create amazing fire circles and expertly control a fire rope for unforgettable entertainment!

Price From: £380 + VAT

REASONS TO BOOK OUR Fire Dart Performers:

  • Duration: 20 minutes
  • Professionally trained Fire Show hire
  • Bespoke Fire Rope Dart Show can be choreographed or improvised
  • Creates wonderful photo opportunities for guests
  • Fire Dart Show Performers put safety first
  • Perfect for Themed Outdoor Events

Be entranced by an absolutely breathtaking Fire Dart Show when you hire our Fire Rope Dart Dancers as Walkabout Entertainment for your event!

Usually performing to music, our Fire Show hire uses a martial arts weapon known as a rope dart to create a dynamic and graceful Fire Rope Dart Show.

Moreover, your guests will be transfixed as our Fire Dart Show Entertainer weaves the rope dart around their body to create a stunning but lethal display of skill over the fire.

Our Fire Dart Show makes for fantastic photo opportunities for guests as the rope dart leaves a trail of fire as it is swung into the air.

Furthermore, we can also pair our Fire Rope Dart Dancer with other Fire Dancers to create a full entertainment package for your event.

This impressive Fire Dart Show can be booked for Private Parties, Festival Themed Events and Corporate Events to create an outstanding visual for your guests.

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