Italian Flag Wavers

Our Italian Flag Dancers for hire are a talented collective of entertainers who perform routines that go back to the 12th Century.

Reasons to book these artists

  • Traditional Italian show
  •  Accompanied by drums and clarions
  •  25 years of international experience
  •  Traditional costumes and flags
  •  Performed individually or as a group
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Authentic Flag Wavers- Watch them here

Watch our authentic flag wavers who are based in Italy and provide unique and traditional flag dances in Italy and also worldwide. They wear traditional costumes and wave traditional flags.

Read more about our Italian Flag Dancers:

Our talented flag dancers put on a wonderful display of flag-waving that is accompanied by the regal sound of drums and clarions creating a wonderful Italian flag dance show.

The Italian flag wavers perform a flag throwing show that represents happiness and peace. The flag dancing show itself originates from Tuscany where during the Middle Ages when war had finished or there was another celebration, the flag-wavers would rejoice and perform exciting flag-waving routines for the people of the town.

These talented flag dancers can be hired as single flag dancers, a duo of flag-wavers or a team of flag-wavers depending on the requirements of each individual event.

The team of historical dancers put together unique flag dance shows for different events, the show can be a big flag-waving show or a smaller flag-waving show depending on the needs of individual events. The historical dancers have over 25 years of international experience performing their unique flag dances in countries such as Australia to Japan and Ethiopia.

The team of flag throwers wear traditional Italian flag dancing costumes and they dance with traditional flags, therefore, creating a truly unique and traditional flag throwing experience for the guests at your event.

The traditional group of flag throwers have performed at very important events such as the UEFA Champions League final match in Rome, FIFA world cup 2002 in Korea, Formula one Grand Prix in Bahrain and more highlighting how popular the flag dancers are worldwide.

The flag dancers are available to hire worldwide for large events and also smaller events as you can choose whether to have lots of flag dancers or only a few flag dancers to create the kind of traditional entertainment that your event requires.

The Italian flag wavers are the perfect traditional flag throwing entertainment to hire for a wide range of events including historical events, corporate events and more.

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