Cheerleader Grand Nation Champions

Our cheerleading acts are the 2014 Dance Grand National Champions at the British Cheerleading Association and the UK’s only fully qualified professional cheerleaders due to a CHEER PRO certification.

This group is based in London and specialises in professional cheerleading performances, making frequent appearances on television and conducting training classes in London every week.

Our cheerleaders are all experts in the art of dance and are all part of a dance crew that focuses on an even wider array of dance. Over the years, our cheerleaders have performed over 300 hundred events and productions with extremely prestigious brands around the world.

What can they do? Promotional events, product launches, nightclub shows, TV / Film, branding sponsors for sports events, training workshops and parties.

So why are they different from everyone else? Our cheerleaders have been around since 2008, lead by their head coach Jessica who has trained over 300 coaches and instructors internationally.

All of our dancers need to have been on the competition team before being on the events teams, as they must all be performing to a professional level.

All of our cheerleaders are paid professional dancer rates, therefore making the spots on the team extremely high value and hard to join. Once accepted to the team, our cheerleaders are trained in presenting, media, marketing, promotion and social media presence.

Our cheerleading team is not only comprised of dance professionals but they are Grand National champions in Pom Dance in the UK.

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