SFX Makeup Workshop

Learn the art of SFX makeup and create some chilling Halloween looks with our SFX Makeup Workshop.

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Reasons To Book Our SFX Makeup Workshop

  • Hosted by an expert SFX MUA
  • Sessions can be tailored to suit groups
  • Varying durations available including full and half days
  • Full kit provided
  • Group and one-on-one learning
  • Interactive and hands-on
  • Great for corporate team building
  • Available live and virtually

Whether you’re looking for a highly interactive corporate team building day to celebrate the spooky season, or you’d like to host an educational workshop for young adults, our SFX Makeup Workshop is a great option.

Our brilliant SFX MUA has been working in the industry for over 15 years. Graduating with an International Diploma in Theatrical & Media Makeup she is able to teach and create all kinds of SFX looks.

Each of our SFX Makeup Workshops can be tailored to our clients. Therefore, you are able to choose what kind of SFX you’d like to learn. From trauma/casualty simulation, learning techniques such as those used in the TV and Film industry¬†through to ageing for character make-ups, period dramas, fantasy, sci-fi or zombies.

Each session will start with our SFX MUA doing a demonstration on a volunteer. Then, the rest of the group will pair up and start creating the look on each other that they have been taught. Our SFX artist will then walk around the room guiding and helping individuals create their looks.

Furthermore, we offer all kinds of other Halloween crafts and entertainment options to go alongside your SFX Makeup Workshop. Get in touch to find out more.

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