Halloween Balloon Act

Are you looking for some family friendly seasonal entertainers? Our devil characters are the perfect blend of spooky and friendly making them the perfect option for your Halloween themed event or children’s party. The Balloon modellers use balloons to create their unique costumed entertainment.

Reasons to Book This Artist

  • Unique costumed entertainment
  • Perfect for family friendly events
  • Years of balloon modelling experience
  • Up to 10 seasonal entertainers available
  • Entertaining and humorous devil characters
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So, you want some unique costumed entertainment and you want it for a Halloween event, however, you would like it to be family-friendly, what could you choose? Well, our Devil characters are perfect for you. Combining balloon modelling with their costumes they ensure that they are a unique costumed entertainment for your next Halloween event!

These seasonal entertainers are highly experienced in balloon modelling and have showcased their balloon modelling skills across the UK at many different events. The devil characters are slightly spooky but very friendly and completely hilarious, adding humour to your event to keep your guests entertained from start to finish.

So, how many of these weird and wonderful devil characters and Halloween children’s entertainers can you book? Up to ten seasonal entertainers are available to take part in balloon modelling at your next event. Your children will love this unique costumed entertainment, balloons are used to create wings, horns and so much more. Who knew balloon modelling could be so advanced.

Our Halloween children’s entertainers have one aim and that is to please and entertain all guests at your event. Whether it be a children’s party, a Halloween themed event, corporate event or another kind of event or Halloween children’s entertainers will be sure to wow your guests and will provide high quality unique costumed entertainment throughout.

Seasonal entertainers that perform and attend Halloween themed events can often be scary, thrilling and overwhelming. If this isn’t what your event requires then these devil characters are certainly perfect for you, they are hilarious and friendly making them the perfect Halloween children’s entertainers for your event.

Looking for entertaining balloon modelling for your brand activation? Our Balloon modellers can create wonderful balloon pieces for your event.

Adult and children alike will enjoy the humour and uniqueness of these devil characters and Halloween children’s entertainers. If you would love to experience our balloon modelling experts, they are available to book for a wide range of events across London and the UK.

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