Michael Myers Horror Film Character

Michael Myers is one of the scariest characters to ever swing his blade on our screens in the hit slasher films “Halloween”.

His unsettling mask and thirst for blood make him the perfect Halloween entertainment for your next Halloween themed event or Movie themed event.

Reasons to Book Michael Myers Horror Character

  • Brilliant costume including replica knife
  • Mask built by the same company as original
  • Look-a-like suit is from ‘Halloween 2’
  • Perfect Halloween walkabout entertainment
  • Looks exactly like the real Michael Myers

With ‘Halloween Kills’ coming out in October, our Michael Myers Horror Character makes a great entertainment option for the film launch night as well as any other events based around the release!

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Our Michael Myers lookalike looks as though he has come straight from the movies with his creepy stance and costume. The costume that our Movie themed entertainer and Halloween walkabout act wears has come straight from the film ‘Halloween 2’.

The Halloween walkabout act and Michael Myers lookalike come fully equipped with a black cloak, mask and even a replica knife sourced from the USA. Our Halloween entertainer wears a mask that has been created by the makers of the original mask from the movies.

Our Halloween walkabout act is perfect for Halloween themed events and movie themed events, our Michael Myers lookalike offers meet and greets where the Halloween entertainer will keep your guests engaged throughout your themed event and will give your guests a fright like never before!

The Michael Myers lookalike and Halloween walkabout act also offer a meet and greet service at your Movie themed event where the Halloween walkabout act will stand at the entrance of your venue greeting guests with a scary hello! The Michael Myers lookalike will ensure that your private party is unforgettable that your guests will remember for a lifetime.

The Halloween entertainer sounds and looks just like the original Michael Myers making our Michael Myers lookalike perfect for your Halloween themed event. The Halloween entertainer can be as scary as you’d like, give your guests a thrill like never before at your next Halloween themed events.

Our Halloween walkabout act is available to hire for a wide range of events from Halloween themed events, Movie themed events, corporate events, product launches and more. Hire our Halloween entertainer today for the perfect Halloween themed events!

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