Willy Wonka Living Table

Our Willy Wonka Living Table for hire is beautifully decorated human table who will bring the magic of the movie and the book to real life.

This brightly coloured human table will have your imagination running wild as soon as you set your eyes upon it.

The beautifully adorned table has an incredible range of decorations that would fit right into the wacky Willy Wonka world.

Our Willy Wonka table has a series of built-up hills that has the chocolate river attached to them. The table is also covered in alluring candy canes, colourful toadstools, pumpkins and other enchanting parts.

The table is finished off with beautiful purple material and our hostess, who is just as colourful.

Our living Willy Wonka Table is a stunning attraction that will create the perfect buzz for your event. Our hostess will meet and greet and interact with your guests as the night goes on.

Our Willy Wonka Living Table is the perfect entertainment option to hire for a wide range of events including; Willy Wonka-themed events, movie-themed events or children’s events in London and across the UK.

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