Gladiator Joust

Prepare to battle like the gladiators of old with our amazing Inflatable Gladiator Joust Activity!

This exciting inflatable is suitable for people of all ages; children and adults. As a result, this inflatable attraction is perfect for your next Family Fun Day or Sports Day.

Combining balance, speed and power in one activity makes for a challenging but equally fun game. This Sports Day activity puts two contestants against each other, with their aim being to knock their opponent off of their perch!

Safety is always the main priority. We supply padded helmets, padded sticks and an inflated platform beneath. As a result, no one is harmed in the process and competitors can tumble safely below.

Our inflatable Gladiator Joust is an exciting and challenging game for everyone to take part in. Therefore, it is a fantastic activity for team building and improving social skills!

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