Inflatable Demolition Derby

Our Inflatable Demolition Derby activity is an action-packed attraction that will excite guests at your next Family Fun Day.

This brilliant inflatable is a challenging but fun attraction that is perfect for competitors of all ages. Our inflatable game is for 4 players at a time, who can either compete against each other singularly or as part of a relay team.

Each competitor takes their place on an inflatable platform and then the battle begins, with the object being to use the demolition ball to knock your opponents off their podium, making you the last man standing and the winner!

This is the perfect game to test your strength, balance, and ability to dodge the giant demolition ball. With the demolition ball constantly swinging around the arena, players have to try avoiding being hit by the ball, but at the same time try to catch it to hurl it back at your opponent.

This versatile game is suitable for people of all ages including children from 6 years old and over. Our inflatable is a great addition for your family fun day with families being able to battle it out.

It is also great for Team Building Days and Corporate Events. Our exciting human demolition derby is the perfect challenging and fun game to hire for your next event.

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