Mobile Casino Table

Our Mobile Casino Tables have to be the first choice for any casino themed event. Our Roulette and Blackjack tables create the glamour and sophistication of a real-life casino at your event.

The beauty of our Casino tables is the fact that guests do not use real money to play. Our experienced croupiers will give your guests ‘fun money (which can be personalised with photographs and logos to reflect your event).

Your guests then swap their fun money to obtain their gaming chips which can then be used to play the tables, as the host, you can even offer an incentive and give a prize to the highest scorer. This is an exciting gambling game to feature at any event for guests of any age!

These fantastic casino tables will invigorate any event with excitement which creates a competitive atmosphere whilst taking your guests on an emotional rollercoaster as they play our popular fast-paced game.

Book our Mobile Casino Tables for James Bond and Las Vegas-themed events, gala dinners and much more in London & the UK.

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