Soul of Kerrie

Our corporate entertainer is a formidable singer with the lung capacity to back it up. This female soul singer has an impressive vocal style inspired by Beyonce and Aretha Franklin.

Reasons to Book This Artist

  • This private party entertainment has performed for Nelson Mandela
  • Appeared on the X Factor in the Semi-Finals
  • Our luxury event entertainment has worked with previous clients such as Sony, and Formula One
  • International performer
  • Captivating and Soulful powerful vocals
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Watch our International Entertainment here!

Watch as our private party entertainment shows off their impressive vocal skills, this female soul singer shows off how passionate she is within this performance. As a corperate entertainer our soul singer will easily impress at your next event.

Our luxury event entertainment will bring power and glamour to your next event, see how Kerrie impresses with her talent.

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Our female soul singer is one of the best around, she has worked with some prestigious brands. This luxury event entertainer will astound your guest with her amazing vocal skills, inspired by famous singers such as Beyonce and Aretha Franklin.

As an international entertainment agency, we have procured the best talent. Our corporate entertainer can dazzle any crowd, showing off her amazing stage presence. This private party entertainer can create an unforgettable musical experience of Soul, Pop, Jazz and Blues.

Kerrie is an unstoppable force who can deliver a high-class entertaining evening for your guests, our international singer can captivate any audience member. This private party entertainment has appeared on the X-Factor, so you know they have what it takes to hold any crowd. We have ensured that this corporate entertainer will bring the best night to your event.

Our female soul singer has worked with an impressive previous client list, these include Sony, Sofitel, Runway Dubai and Estee Lauder to name a few. This corporate entertainer has the ability to cater to all, making her the perfect act for your consideration.

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Be dazzled by our luxury event entertainment, available for hire in London.

If you’re looking for a luxury event entertainer than look no further, as our private party entertainment brings the ultimate luxury to your event. This luxury event singing phenomenon will definitely cause a storm with your guests, as an international entertainment agency we have brought you a classic soul singer.

Kerrie can bring extraordinary diversity to any event, she has an insatiable appetite to inspire everyone with her music. As an international singer, she has become rapidly in demand within the luxury sector. This female soul singer continues to perform throughout the world at private and corporate events, sharing her love for music with a wide-ranging audience as international entertainment.

If you wish to book this private party entertainment then simply get in touch today, our corporate entertainer is available across the UK and Internationally.

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