LED Indian Dancers

Our LED dancers are an exciting high-tech technology entertainment option that will create a spellbinding time for all.

These high-tech LED dancers formed the troupe in 2001 and have been performing ever since. Our trail-blazing LED performers have created a unique option with their LED and Bhangra dance combination.

Our Tron Dancers have made numerous appearances on Indian television and will be sure to bring their star-factor to any event. Book our technology dancers for international events.

Reasons to Book This Artist

  • Our Tron dancers have over 16 years of experience
  • These glow show dancers were semi-finalists on India’s Got Talent
  • Award-winning technology dancers
  • Appeared on numerous TV programmes including; Dance India Dance
  • Our technology dancers perform an innovative & thrilling LED glow show
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Prepare to be amazed by these groundbreaking LED dancers. Our Tron dancers are a unique technology entertainment option that will thrill your guests.

These Tron dancers started performing in 2001 and have become internationally-renowned performers since then. These glow show dancers create stunning optical illusions through their high-tech wearable technology and original Bhangra dance moves. These Bollywood dancers will make any event go off with a bang.

Our glow show dancers have combined 2 unique forms of entertainment to create their bespoke LED glow show. Through the fusion of traditional Bhangra dance and high-tech LED technology, these Bollywood dancers have created an original LED glow show that you have probably never seen before.

These accomplished glow show dancers have performed on numerous television shows including; Dance India Dance, Chak Dhoom Dhoom and on India’s Got Talent where they appeared as semi-finalists. Through their numerous performances on television, our technology dancers know exactly how to choreograph their exciting moves for any event.

These Tron dancers are in high demand and have performed all over the world at various events including; product launches, corporate events and club events. Our versatile LED dancers are always looking for the next big event to perform at.

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Our LED dancers are available to book for product launches, corporate events or gala dinners in the UK & worldwide.

Our LED dancers are award-winning performers who in 2013 won the Most Popular Dance Group of the Year award. These accomplished Tron dancers will be sure to bring a wow-factor to any event. Our award-winning glow show dancers will amaze you with their illuminated costumes and unique Bhangra dance moves. These technology dancers are highly versatile and can be hired for a variety of different events.

Our LED dancers are a high-tech technology entertainment option that will be sure to create an exciting time for all. These high-tech Tron dancers will thrill your guests will their exciting Bhangra choreography that has sprinklings of Bollywood. Performing to a range of Bollywood music, hip hop music and Michael Jackson classics, our Tron dancers will get the crowds moving at any event. Our technology dancers are accomplished performers who will demonstrate a range of different dance moves.

Our LED dancers are an exciting technology entertainment option that will be sure to enthral all guests at any event. With their cutting-edge technology, our Tron dancers will be sure to stun any audience whether it’s a private or corporate client.

These thrilling Tron dancers are the perfect technology entertainment option to hire for a wide range of events including; brand reveals, corporate events or award ceremonies in India and across the world. Our technology dancers will be sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests long after the event is finished. If you would like to hire our glow show dancers, simply get in contact today.

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