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Are you looking new and exciting brand reveal entertainment? Then look no further because our LED performers are just what you need.

These high-tech technology dancers will stun everyone with their gravity-defying moves, acrobatic flair and cutting-edge wearable technology suits.

With 4 exciting LED glow shows to offer, there’s something for every occasion. Our glow show dancers have travelled around the world, performing to audiences of all sizes.

Reasons to Book This Artist

  • Offer 4 unique LED glow shows; LED Basketball, LED Dance, LED Freestyle & LED No Gravity
  • Previous clients include; Porsche, FC Bayern Munich & Volkswagen
  • Internationally-acclaimed entertainers who’ve performed worldwide
  • Cutting-edge technology entertainment
  • High-energy glow show dancers
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LED Glow Show – Watch it Here!

Our LED glow show is an incredible technology entertainment option that will thrill everyone at your event. These LED performers have travelled around the world astonishing international crowds as they go. Our LED dance troupe will create an incredible experience for all at any event. Our LED dancers have 4 LED glow shows that are perfect for almost any event. The LED glow shows performed by our LED dancers feature a range of exciting skills such as; acrobatics, gravity-defying skills, energetic sports skills and more. The technology entertainment demonstrated by our glow show dancers is perfect for any product launch or brand reveal.

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These versatile LED performers can offer an assortment of different LED glow shows for any event. The first is the LED Basketball show. This exciting LED glow show combines high-octane basketball moves with high-tech LED technology and acrobatic stunts to create a completely original show.

This sensational LED glow show is perfect for sports-themed events, basketball player reveals and more. Using wearable technology suits, our LED dancers will provide sports entertainment as you have never seen before. This energetic show option provided by our glow show dancers will create an immersive experience for everyone at the event.

Another show option available is the LED No Gravity. Our acrobatic LED performers make it appear as if they are floating in mid-air. By using a trampoline wall and air track, our LED dancers create exciting optical illusions that has probably never been seen before.

These gravity-defying LED dancers and acrobats will take guests to new heights with this high-tech technology entertainment option. The LED glow shows provided by our technology dancers will get the crowd going at any event.

The LED dance show option is a fantastic visual treat. Our perfectly choreographed LED dancers will astonish as they move in perfect sync, changing colour and appearing to disappear in time with the music.

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Hire our LED light show for product launches in the UK.

The optical illusions created by our glow show dancers are a treat for the eyes and will be sure to create an unforgettable experience for everyone at your next event. Our LED technology dancers can also provide a freestyle LED show that features a mixture of football and basketball performers.

All the LED glow shows provided by our technology dancers create a wow-factor. Through performing in complete darkness, our LED dancers will ensure that all focus is on them as they perform at your event.

Technology entertainment is a unique and dynamic way to entertain guests. With the inclusion of high-tech wearable suits, this technology entertainment will be sure to leave audience members awe-struck.

Our LED performers are the perfect high-tech entertainment option to hire for a wide range of events including; product launches, corporate events or brand reveals in the UK and worldwide.

If you would like to hire any of our LED glow show options then simply get in touch today. We have a fantastic array of technology entertainment that can be hired in the UK and across the world. Our glow show dancers are highly adaptable and even have a custom show option available.

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