LED Laser Harp Show

Put simply this show is the most high-tech, optically stunning and uniquely visual performance that you will come across.

Price From £950

It combines a laser harp with custom-designed laser graphics to give the crowd a show they will never forget and has been performed to audiences across the globe.

Our Laser Harp is more than just an auditory experience, as it is such a visual instrument to play, actually allowing music to be created with light!

The music is incorporated with powerful laser graphics projectors that radiate colourful beams that soar over the heads of your crowd which creates one of the most immersive and visual experiences that a musician can produce.

For club nights our Harpist can work alongside DJ’s using the beams of light, dance and pop songs can be played and remixed live in front of your ears and eyes! With the beams of light forming what would traditionally be the strings, the laser lights can actually be played as an instrument!

The harp can be tailored with a view to meeting your specific event needs. It can be used for a variety of events, such as corporate events, gala dinners, product launches, TV work, club nights, private parties, weddings, music festivals and more.

The colours emitted by the harp are almost endless so can be adapted to suit any theme, colour or corporate branding requirements you may have. It is even possible for us to digitalise your logo and incorporate it into our show using our laser graphics.

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