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Our engaging Live Stream Musician is a talented multi-instrumentalist who creates enjoyable and engaging musical performances for Online Events, Virtual Events, Zoom Calls and more.

Performing at gigs all across Latin America since 2013, our Virtual Musician has years of experience behind him, where he has been inspired by all of the cultures, rhythms and musical instruments he has discovered along the way. As a result, our virtual musical performer has a very unique sound that really blows away listeners!

This year (2020), he has adapted his musical performances to be online and Virtual for Zoom Calls, Online Events and other platforms to comply with COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions. Our Virtual Musician has been very busy delivering breath-taking performances on online platforms for private and corporate clients around the World.

Our Virtual Musical Performer Can Provide Each Of The Following For You To Choose From:

  • A Pocket Show (20 minutes)
  • 1, 2 or 3 Hour Shows
  • Personal Video up to 10 minutes long

Performing a range of genres from Bossa Nova and Jazz to the intensity of Blues and Rock, our Virtual Musical performer appeals to a wide range of audiences and brings something new to your online, virtual events! This truly is a unique and engaging virtual musical experience for all.

The Set Lists of our Virtual Musician depends on the requirements of the client; it can be chopped and changed to suit you. If you want to mix things up even more, he can play his own original songs and talk about his lifestyle of music and road stories of travelling across Latin America and more!

Reasons To Book Our Live Stream Musician:

  • Our Live Stream Musician is created specifically for Virtual Events and Virtual Conference Calls (Zoom Calls, Microsoft Team Meetings)
  • Boasts a studio sound quality and high-quality video live stream!
  • Our talented Virtual Musical Performer sings and speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese; great for multi-national Virtual Events
  • This engaging Zoom Call Musician plays several instruments, keeping the performance varied
  • Our Virtual Party Musician has worked with a wide range of Corporate and Private clients around the world; very experienced!
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He boosted the morale of a whole team not only with his powerful music but also with his interesting life stories, highly recommended!

Argenta Suites Belgrano – Hernan Taboada

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