Close-Up Magician & Hypnotist

Our Close-up Magician and Hypnotist specializes in providing amazing magical entertainment, close-up. No camera tricks or special effects, just real magic!

Our talented close-up magician will perform amazing tricks before your eyes, in your hands and even in your mind. It is fast, visual and exciting and is the type of magic that has been made widely popular on TV.

Whether you need a corporate Magician, wedding magician or something different for your trade show exhibition, our hypnotist is guaranteed to amaze you and your guests. Magic is an ideal icebreaker, motivator and excitement builder for any event.

This talented illusionist performs his incredible brand of close-up magic all over the UK and can tailor his performance to enhance your company sales message or to promote your products and services.

You can expect to see: fire turning into water and ice in your hands, twisting and morphing a dinner fork in front of your eyes, breaking the bottom off of a wine glass and then restoring it for a full examination.

As well as being a Magician, he is also a fully trained performance hypnotist. Hypnosis is an amazing art and has to be seen to believed. Anyone who is interested can be involved in this and it will be the talk of the night. His style is performed in the most relaxed of environments up close, around tables and even standing up!

All hypnosis is carried out with the utmost respect for the subject and they will leave their state of hypnosis relaxed and wanting more.

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