Illusions With Billy

Our talented stage musician will create an unforgettable experience for everyone at your next event.

This accomplished magician has performed across the world in countries like Sweden, Canada and Dubai. She has also performed on a variety of TV shows where she even received a standing ovation from the legendary duo Penn & Teller.

Reasons to Book This Artist

  • Has performed all over the world including; USA, Japan & German
  • Received a standing ovation from Penn & Teller
  • Performed on numerous TV shows including; Breaking Magic & The Next Great Magician
  • Can perform close-up magic & comedy magic shows
  • Learned street magic from the famous Gazzo
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Sleight of Hand Magician – Watch it Here!

Take a look at our talented sleight of hand magician. Our esteemed illusionist has performed for the likes of Penn and Teller who were completely blown away by her. Our close-up magician can perform a range of magic from close-up to comedy stage shows and more. Having performed on a variety of TV shows and at different events, our sleight of hand magician has everything needed to create a true spectacle for your next. Watch for yourself and prepare to be amazed.

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Our sleight of hand magician is a talented close-up magician who will wow you with her magic. This accomplished walkabout magician has a set of magic stage show options that are available to book for almost any event.

This sleight of hand magician can perform as a walkabout close-up magician, seamlessly interacting with guests as she goes. Our female close-up magician also has a comedy magic stage show that can be hired for gala dinners and award ceremonies.

Before becoming a close-up magician and moving to the UK, our female close-up magician grew up in Canada where she became an all-around entertainer. Our close-up magician’s other talents include; acting, saxophone, ballet, choreography and more.

Since leaving Canada, our close-up magician has become an accomplished close-up magician with her magic stage show earning the seal of approval from the legendary magic duo; Penn & Teller. Our street magician initially learned her trade under the guidance of Gazzo. After becoming an accomplished street magician, she then decided to go even further in the industry.

This walkabout magician has performed her magic stage show on a range of TV shows including; ITV’s The Next Great Magician, Discovery Channel’s Breaking Magic and the Syfy Channel’s Wizard Wars.

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Illusions With Billy for hire. Book our close-up magician for corporate events, outdoor festivals or award ceremonies in London & the UK.

Since taking her magic to new heights, our sleight of hand magician has become a well-known close-up magician in her own right. Our walkabout magician has performed her magic stage show in various countries around the world. This walkabout magician has performed her magic stage show in countries such as; Japan, Germany and the USA.

This walkabout magician has also performed at numerous festivals around the world including; Glastonbury, the Magic Fest in Portugal and City Spectacular in Ireland. This walkabout magician is suited to performing both indoors and outdoors. Our walkabout magician is the perfect street magician to book for a wide array of events.

Our sleight of hand magician is all about audience participation and interaction. This walkabout magician will be sure to captivate guests with her thrilling tricks. With her comedy magic stage show, our close-up magician can provide a fun time for all.

Her comedy magic show features an abundance of laughter as well as an attempt at mind reading and the famous Harry Houdini-inspired Escape trick. This magic stage show is completely adaptable so can be hired for almost any event.

Our comedy close-up magician also performs as a walkabout magician which makes her perfect for meet and greet events. This sleight of hand magician will effortlessly interact with your guests as she wows them with her incredible close-up magic skills. Our female illusionist and walkabout magician has also created a bespoke magic show that’s specifically for outdoor festivals and events. This street magician has many years of experience as a street performer so knows exactly how to draw in the crowds at any outdoor event.

Having performed across the world, our sleight of hand magician has all the necessary experience to make your next event a success. Our close-up magician is the perfect entertainment option to hire for a wide range of events including; corporate events, weddings or outdoor festivals in the UK and across the world. If you would like to book our walkabout magician, then simply get in contact today.

Book our comedy magic show for gala dinners in London.

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