Ice Cream Cocktail Van

Our ice cream cocktail van for hire is a new and exciting way to cater for your corporate event, music festival or private party. We are able to provide a DJ booth, bar and creative space all within this unique vehicle.

This amazing mobile bar will make any event you have memorable for all your guests. This fun and interactive van feature its own lights and sound system, making it a fully-fledged party on wheels! Our ice cream cocktail van has a full menu of delicious new cocktails and classic alcoholic beverages.

Our drinks mixers have created some unique iced cocktails that blend nostalgic tastes of childhood with a more adult taste. They have various cocktails including a take on the classic 99 ice cream; The 69 Frozen Daiquiri which blends white rum, lime juice, sugar, fresh strawberries, ice and is topped with whipped cream.

Other cocktails available on our menu are; The Bourbon List and the Mean Shandy. The menu also includes many classic, non-iced drinks including; wine, craft ales and prosecco. Our drinks mixers endeavour to be sustainable in all aspects of what they do by making all packaging biodegradable and by making their own sugar syrups with fruit peel.

Our ice cream cocktail van is an exciting and unique way to not only cater to your event but to also add an extra spice of creativity and fun to your event.

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