The Xenomorph Alien

From one of the most successful movie franchises of all time, we bring you, The Xenomorph Alien for hire. Our detailed Alien has come straight out of the iconic movies with one aim; to terrify everyone.

Reasons to book these artists

  •  Available for 4 -8 hours
  •  Created from the iconic ‘Alien’ film
  •  Based on the iconic artwork of H.R. Giger
  •  High-quality costume with realistic breathing
  •  Can be used for filming and scare experiences
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Alien walkabout act in action

Watch our alien walkabout act in action at the launch of the new ‘Alien Covenant film’ in 2017. Our alien costumed entertainer is the perfect walkabout entertainment for product launches, film launches, corporate events and more.

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Do you want to entertain your guests with some scary, thrilling and exciting entertainment? If so book our Alien walkabout act for your next Halloween themed event.

Our Alien costumed entertainer has come straight from the movie ‘Alien’. The Alien costumed entertainer has a wonderful and realistic Alien costume with realistic alien breathing which will make your guests feel as though they have stepped into the movie itself.

Our Alien walkabout act would be perfect for sci-fi themed events, Halloween events and even corporate events. The Alien lookalike will give your guests a scare like never before. The Alien lookalike is available for photo opportunities with your guests and the Alien costumed entertainer can also be used for filming and share experiences.

Our Alien walkabout act is experienced and highly entertaining with a great scare factor. Wow, your guests with our unique alien costumed entertainer, the alien costumed entertainer will be nothing like your guests have ever seen before, the guests will be scared but intrigued by the alien walkabout act.

The alien lookalike can perform on their own or with another costumed entertainer ‘colonial marine’ who also comes straight from the ‘Alien’ film. The ‘colonial marine’ can walk the alien lookalike with a lead creating a unique and even more exciting alien walkabout act.

The alien lookalike and alien costumed entertainer can attend events for 4-8 hours with regular breaks. The alien walkabout act has previous clients such as alien saga game launch, Alien Isolation computer game launch and Bovington Barracks warrant officers summer ball, showing that the alien lookalike and alien costumed entertainer is highly entertaining and a sought-after alien walkabout act.

Book our alien lookalike and alien walkabout act for your next Halloween event to give your event the scare factor that it requires. The alien costumed entertainer and alien lookalike are available for many events from product launches to corporate events and private parties. The alien lookalike is available to hire for events in London and across the UK. Book the alien costumed entertainer to give your guests a fantastic experience.

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