Opera Singer

The stunning vocals of an opera singer is a special way to change an event from a day/night out to an experience never to be forgotten.

We have a number of opera singers who will cater to the particular theme and ambience of your event, whether it be a dramatic performance or a more mellow vibe.

This is a bespoke show which has been choreographed and produced by Julia Charles Event Management. The Opera singer will start with a tear-jerking performance of Nessun Dorma.

Once she has finished the famous last note the vocal percussions of a Beatboxer will be heard as he emerges from the crowd. The two performers will battle out their mastered styles in a unique show never to have been seen before.

In addition to this, we have trained ballerinas and breakdancers who perform a choreographed dance battle alongside the vocalists. This well-crafted show will last up to 8 minutes and is guaranteed to have a standing ovation.

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