Mermaid Dancers

Beautiful dancing mermaids and dashing mermen, our sea themed entertainment will delight and dazzle at any event.

Reasons to Book This Artist

  • Mesmerising
  • Staged performance and walkabout options
  • Attention to detail
  • Loved by children and adults
  • Perfect for pool parties
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Watch our mermaid performers in this video here!

Our mermaids and mermen entertainment show off their dance abilities, they will bring whimsy and excitement to your event

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Our themed ballet dancers are beautiful dancing mermaids and dashing mermen, they create outstanding performances every time.

These mermaid dancers offer several options depending on the flow of an event and the level of audience interaction, all of our walkabout performers dance acts perform choreographed staged performances, which can be designed to either command the entire attention of the guests or to go on in the background of the conversation.

This mermaids and mermen entertainment can also do a walkabout or mix and mingle set which gets them at floor level, encouraging more interaction with guests and provides photo opportunities. Our themed ballet dancers can perform together with a beautifully choreographed and ethereal routine, children and adults alike will be mesmerised! If you’re looking for an act that can hang around the pool, then this sea-themed entertainment can mix and mingle with your guests poolside.

Our mermaid dancers use etherial make-up and costume design, making the mermaid experience as close as possible. If you like the sound of our themed ballet dancers then simply get in touch with us.

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