Ancient Olympiads

Have you ever wanted to travel back in time and see how the Olympics truly took place in the ancient ages?

Well, these ancient Olympiads are exactly what you need to personally visit the past and experience the Olympic games in all of its glory.

Though today we enjoy the game at a global level and all push to take home the gold, these Olympic stilt walkers can bring the original experience to your next event!

These performers come to your chosen event and prepare themselves for their upcoming Olympic performance with stone discus and ancient javelins!

This show is a two-person character performance fit for Zeus himself. These trained stilt walkers feature several pieces of sporting equipment, muscle enhanced suits, Olympic soundtracks and a keen eye for fun and comedy.

These performers can be booked for events in London, the UK and across the globe to bring fun, sports and amusement to your next Olympic themed event.

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